Taycar Team

About Taycar
Our Company History

Jim Smith

Founded by Jim Smith

Taycar Enterprises Inc. was founded by Jim Smith in 1983.

Air Force Weapons Laboratory

Awarded First Major Contract

Air Force Weapons Laboratory (AFWL) contract to modify an aircraft for electro-magnetic pulse testing.

Scale Tractor

Sandia Labs Contract

Taycar began work on a contract from Sandia National Laboratories to fabricate scale tractor-trailers for crash testing for the Department of Energy.

First CNC Machine

First CNC Equipment

First piece of CNC equipment - a ten station CNC turret punch.

Explosives Detection Portal project

Taycar works with Sandia National Labs on the Explosives Detection Portal project.

Taycar Exterior Photo

New Facility

Taycar built and moved into a larger facility, in order to meet the growing demand for our services.

We also added water jet cutting as a capability with a new Flow 6012 Integrated Flying Bridge shape cutting system.

Los Alamos National Labs & ISO Certification

ISO 9001:2000 Training and Compliance

Taycar completed its ISO 9001:2000 training and achieved compliance and was awarded on-going contract work from Los Alamos National Laboratories for manufacturing support of national security projects.

New CNC Equipment

Added some new CNC equipment to keep up with demand.  Strippit ST-1212, 26 station CNC turret punch and a Cincinnati Proform, 4 axis, CNC press brake.

New Water Jet Equipment

Added Flow Mach 500 water jet. It features a 2 meter x 4 meter (6.5' x 13') cutting bed and 94,000 psi pump.